We are situated at Ammerschwihr in the heart of the wine growing area of Alsace in the foothills of the Vosge mountains. We are on the wine route of wines of Alsace, well known for their reputable wines and excellent climate.


The 12 ha. property situated mainly on the Ammerschwihr and Katzenthal plateau employs a team of four people who take care of the various jobs associated with the vines, the wine and its commercialisation.

All of our production is biodynamic and are certified AB and Demeter.



Wine growing has been a passion shared by generations of Frederic’s family: Bernadette Mayer and Jerome Geschickt, both issue of the same village of Ammerschwihr.

In the absence of a cooperative and as with the majority of wine growers in the village, the grapes were sold to a negociant. The vineyards were of a surface are of 2 to 3 hectares.  In 1950 the father of Bernadette, Jerome Meyer was one of the first to bottle his wine in the property we now occupy.


At that time Jerome and Bernadette were living in the family home, Geschickt, rue du Cerf, exercising their craft as wine growers and in 1955 decided to bottle their production. The farm grew in size with the purchase of new land and with the acquisition of the Maison Meyer in 1975 where they now live.

Their two sons joined the business, Christophe in 1981 and Frederic in 1992.  Although officially retired in 1990 and 1994, Jerome and Bernadette remained active in the business for many years.  The death of Christophe in December 2002 required a reorganisation of the business.

Today Frederic continues to run the business with passion with the aid of three other people, one of whom is his nephew, Arnaud. The legal structure since 1987 was a GAEC; now an EARL.The cultivated surface area is currently 12 hectares.


Since 1998 we have chosen a biodynamic culture. This reconversion after a long period of conventional culture is in reply to a need to live better. Conventional culture with the products required did not correspond to the spirit in which we wished to evolve. Since 2012 we make natural wines (without sulphites).


All our wines are certified Agriculture Biologique (AB) and DEMETER

A type of agriculture (and thus viticulture) based upon the respect of the living and biological cycles which exclude the use of synthetic treatments and synthetic fertilizers. Biologic agriculture is guaranteed by scrupulously following the specifications of organic agriculture.


A method of cultivation initiated by Rudolph Steiner which prohibits all treatments by chemical products having a synthetic base. Biodynamics rests on the interaction between the movements of the planets and the development of vegetation and uses preparations made from organic and mineral matter.


In general, a biodynamic viticulture seeks to reconstruct, energise and intensify organic life where vines grow. This consists of intensifiying the exchanges between the plant and its environment in such a way as to obtain better grapes and thus better wines. Biodynamics looks to strengthen the vitality and resistance of plants while improving the natural exchanges between the soil and the roots, and between the sky and the leaves in order to allow the grapes, and thus the wine to best express its terroir. As such, biodynamic wines guarantee a better description of the terroir…


The team

Three people currently run this family business. Frederic GESCHICKT took over in 1993. Arnaud GESCHICKT, the son of Christophe and Frederic’s nephew took over responsibility for the vines and the cellar in 2012. Since the beginning of 2013, Aurelie FAYOLLE is responsible for sales. Together we aim to share with you the best that the ‘terroir’ of Alsace, it’s rich history and knowledge can offer.


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